Cost To Drill a Well

£10 can change the life one person!

Geologically it is very challenging to drill in Burkina Faso, West Africa with an average success rate of only 55% as opposed to other areas of Africa where the success rate is almost 100%. However with time spent surveying proposed drill site accurately Friends in Action’s success rate is almost 20% above the national average at 75%.

Taking into account the 25% where water is not found the average depth where FIA needs to drill to get water is approximately 350 feet (107M) At this depth FIA can drill a well in for £5,000.  This is typically less than half the cost of the same well completed by a local contractor.

At least 500 people benefit from a £5,000 drilled well’s life giving water supply.  Just think – this means that as little as £10 can change life for one person!

The £5000 cost/well includes:

  • All need assessment work
  • Desk study
  • Field survey and site visit
  • Equipment and team mobilisation throughout Burkina Faso
  • Well Drilling (wells are drilled by self funding volunteers)
    • 8” Casing, 5” well liner (full depth of well), gravel pack, seal
    • Well development work
    • Flow testing – airlift and submersible pump testing
  • Pump installation – Hand pump approx £1,000/well varies on depth of well
  • Training/advice/Follow up visits

To sponsor a Well, part of a Well or simply give £10 to give a child clean drinking Water for Life.