Text Giving

Text Giving

Donations are limited to  any amount between £1 to £5 or £10 maximum. You however can make multiple donations of any of the above amounts.

All you have to do is type the promotional code of the project or person you wish to support followed by the amount and send to 70070:

  • GWGL44 ..... Water Drilling
  • MALC44 ..... Mark & Louise Collier
  • TIMW01 ..... Tim Wilson
  • TRAC14 ..... Guinea Tractor
  • FRAG01 ..... Frazer Graham

e.g. GWGL44 £10 - send to 70070

You will receive a text asking if you which to gift aid your donation. If you are a UK tax payer please select yes as this increases your donation by 25% at no cost to you.

Just Text Giving