Prayer is foundational in all that we do.

We pray in the morning, we pray in the afternoon, and we pray in the evening. It is by prayer that we praise God, seek His direction and wisdom, request His provision, and call upon the Holy Spirit to empower our work.

We also cannot do this work which God has called us to do without the faithful prayers of supporters back home. We would therefore ask you to consider forming a  prayer partnership with us and meet as a small group to pray for the Lord’s work through Friends in Action.

What is expected of Prayer Partners?

Prayer partners agree to pray regularly for the missionary as they prepare for their assignment, while they are overseas, and as they return to the UK and readjust to life at ‘home’.
They will encourage the missionary by keeping in regular contact with them while they are away, and offering practical help and support where possible while they are on home assignment or when they return to the UK following a short-term assignment.

What will the missionary do?

Missionaries will communicate regularly with their prayer partners, sending an email update or a prayer letter each month.

How do I become a Prayer Partner?

There are two ways: