Well Drilling - How?

Well Drilling - How?

Friends In Action own and operate deep well drilling equipment with capabilities of drilling a 6” bored water well to 200m.  With both air and mud drilling tooling, Friends In Action can drill wells in almost all geological settings faced in W. Africa.  Drilled wells are most often finished with an India MK-II hand-pump which can be serviced simply and maintained by trained locals supported by a local engineer.

We work in partnership with like-minded mission organisations to ensure that drilled water supplies are provided where they are physically most needed and where there is an opportunity to present the Gospel of Christ to unreached peoples.

Focused on ensuring that the long-term sustainability and ownership of a completed well rests with the village, Friends In Action engage with, listen to and work alongside the local people.

Typical phased approach to completing a well:

  • Needs assessment
  • Desk study
  • Field survey
  • Well Drilling (with volunteer team and partner mission)
  • Pump installation
  • Training/advice
  • Follow up

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