Building and sharing the Good News

Construction Projects

Friends in Action have supported and partnered with many mission groups, churches and local groups undertaking a variety of construction projects supporting the furtherance of the Gospel. 

In 2005 a major bridge construction project was undertaken in Guinea West Africa providing access to a cut-off community.  Since this time, we have been involved in a variety of building and maintenance projects including a second bridge, a clinic, churches and ministry facilities.

Since 2007 we have sent regular teams of tradesmen including builders, joiners, plumbers and painters to a Bible Training Centre in North Cotes, Lincolnshire, England working on numerous projects ranging from refurbish a shower block and fitting kitchens through to reroofing a laundry building.

It has been encouraging to see volunteers come forward for these work teams and give of their time and talents for the Lord’s work.
Further afield we are currently involved in the development and maintenance of our water well drilling project field bases, yards and office facilities.  We also engage with remote village fellowships in the construction of small church buildings (8 x 15m) and are excited about how the Lord is building His church
Construction Projects
Building water Towers

Building Water Towers

Globally, 2 billion people still lack access to safely managed drinking water services (World Bank, 2022). FIA N Ireland work in West African developing countries to improve remote rural water supply services, and in so doing, open doors for our team and partner missions to share the Living Water.

FIA N Ireland’s water supply projects often include the construction of water towers and small water distribution networks.  These water towers are typically built using reinforced concrete construction supporting a water tank of 2-10,000 litre.  Our water towers typically range in height from 3 to 6m.

Replacing a hand pumped well with an electric submersible pump and water tower arrangement can result in a well that supplies 500 people with daily water to a well that meets the daily water needs of over 3,000 people!

Protecting Water Points

We engage with and work with local communities, using locally available construction materials, to build robust and sustainable well head protection and drainage infrastructure.

While drilling water wells in West Africa since 2001, we have encountered a significant number of water wells, drilled by other groups, that are not functioning or have unfortunately been abandoned for a variety of reasons.   We always look to make the most of existing water sources and potential supplies before considering the drilling of a new well.

We assess the water quantity and quality of such abandoned wells, install new pumps and construct or repair well head access, protection and drainage. 

We have refurbished over 200 water points training and equipping many local workers along the way.

Protecting Water Points