About Friends in Action

About Friends in Action

What We Do

Our reason for existing is twofold: to enable evangelism so that all might come to faith in the Lord Jesus; and to demonstrate God’s love and compassion so that people in need might have clean drinking water and the basic essentials for life.

Our Goal

It is our goal to create opportunities for partner missions and local church leaders to share the Gospel. Establishing a gathering place at a new water well and enabling the practical and spiritual training of local church pastors help in this. So too, the provision of gospel outreach literature in addition to practical equipment and supplies. We also facilitate the establishing of local churches.

Love and Compassion

In all we do, we seek to follow God’s command to show love and compassion to people through practical help to those in great physical need. Drilling new water wells to provide clean, safe, convenient drinking water along with refurbishing and re-generating abandoned water supplies are some of our key activities. These help provide irrigation to grow crops to provide food. They also serve the purpose of eliminating time consuming, exhaustive and dangerous treks to dirty, diseased water sources largely carried out by the women and young girls in remote rural communities. In addition we provide water towers and simple water distribution infrastructure to enable schools and churches to function.

In all of this we seek to see God glorified and souls won for His Kingdom.

Clean Water

Thousands of children die each day worldwide from diseases caused by unsafe drinking water – they need a new water well.

Growing Food

Many in sub Saharan Africa are dying through malnutrition – they need water supplies to grow their own food.

Child Education

Many children in West Africa have no education – schools need water towers to provide for students.

About us

Who We Are

Friends in Action International NI is a Northern Ireland based registered charity. Our Board/ Trustees, who provide their services free, are listed below.

Nigel Reid

Chairman & Trustee

Nigel chairs the board, has served on teams in West Africa a number of times, and uses his construction and networking experience to benefit the work.

Tom McCormick

Treasurer & Trustee

Tom controls the finances, has served on teams in West Africa a number of times, and uses his security and operational experience to benefit the work.

Jim McCann

Board Member & Trustee

- Jim was a full time missionary in West Africa, has served on teams there since and also in England, and uses his construction and missionary experience to benefit the work.

Mark Collier

Missionary, Board Member & Trustee

Mark is a full time missionary, geologist and well driller, has lived and served in West Africa for many years and now leads and controls the work in the field through regular trips and virtual communications.

Mike Mclean

Board Member & Trustee

Mike organises and facilitates working teams (having served on them in West Africa a number of times), and uses his financial and risk management experience to benefit the work.

About Friends in Action

The Colliers


Mark and Louise Collier have been engaged in missions work in W Africa since 1998.  After seeing first-hand the tremendous spiritual and physical need in many remote parts of Ivory Coast during their time there in 1998, they were challenged to think more about missions. 

Friends in Action

Seeing both the need and opportunity to serve the Lord in Ivory Coast, Mark, with three other men, set about founding Friends in Action N Ireland (2001).  Shortly after this Louise and Mark left their careers to start serving full-time with FIANI from 2002.

Having worked in Ivory Coast and Ghana from 2002-2005 they returned to secular work in N Ireland while continuing to make multiple trips each year back to W Africa.  Joshua, Rachel and Anna were born between 2005 and 2009 and in 2010 all the family relocated to Burkina Faso as Mark continued to head up the Ministry work of FIA in W Africa.

Present Day

Today Mark and Louise and the family are again based in N Ireland as their children finish up school.  Mark travels to W. Africa 6 or 7 times a year, for 2-4 weeks at a time, directing the ongoing ministry work of FIANI.

Should you wish to know more about the work of the Collier’s please email fia-ni@fiaintl.org.uk requesting that you be added to their newsletter emailing list.

In all of this we seek to see God glorified and souls won for His Kingdom.


News & Articles

Building for the future! – Ivory Coast

30 November, 2023
Since moving our drilling rig to Ivory Coast, we have been in need of a place to base out of. The new yard located, equipment on site with a basic hangar and store, we have now set about building a team centre to provide a roof over the heads of visiting volunteers, an office, training facility and a place for the Collier’s to be based when in the country. We praise the Lord that construction is well underway! 2 pastor training camps and 1 church camp have also been delivered in recent times. We praise God for both the spiritual and physical progress being made!

More water to more people! – Burkina Faso

30 November, 2023
A big focus of current work is on working with the local church to reach and support displaced people and the communities receiving them. Existing water points are often already under tremendous pressure before displace people arrive. We are working to make new and existing wells, sustainably deliver as much water as possible, to as many as possible!