Drill a New Well


Meeting basic water need and supporting Christian education and outreach!

Support the health, sanitation, hygiene and ongoing educational needs of thousands of young people in a West African Christian school.  The hand pump at this school is working beyond it’s limits and is not capable of meeting the current water demand on it from both the school and the local community it serves.  Replacing the hand pump on this well that we drilled about 7 years ago, with a submersible pump and constructing a water tower with storage tank, this well can be used to it’s full potential and meet both the school and community water demands.  Providing water to the community as well as the school supports the Christian school’s witness in the community as they share the Gospel




West Africa
Each new well involves:
  • Initial survey and needs assessment.
  • Geological/geophysical survey to locate the drilling target.
  • Drilling works
  • Well design, construction and development.
  • Pumping test
  • Full installation of a stainless-steelIndia MK-II hand pump
  • Well commissioning and outreach.
  • £6,000/well